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Hydroseeding offers several advantages over seeding by yourself.


Green Gro Hydroseeding has been seeding and taking care of lawns since 1991. Since then we have been involved in numerous research studies, and experiments. We have tested hundreds of different varieties of bluegrass, fescue, ryegrass, and other custom varieties. This experience should assure you that we know exactly what seed blends will perform and look the best for Cache Valley's soil and climate.


We guarantee all of our work 100% that if any part of the hydroseed fails to grow we will redo it for free. We gladly shoulder all the risk having full faith in our products and services.


One of the nicest benefits of hydroseeding is that we take care of everything for you. So relax, pull out the barbeque, and let us do the dirty work.

Fast grass.

In order to establish the grass as fast as possible, we add premium wood fibre mulch, fertilizer, 50/50 compost/black peet blend (optional), grass seed, and tackifire (a bonding agent). Then we shoot this mixture onto your soil. Because this hydroseed mixture is on the surface of the soil it receives direct sunlight leading to faster germination of the grass seed. Drill seeding or seeding places the seed slightly below the surface preventing it from receiving direct sunlight. Hydroseed is applied with a premium wood fiber mulch. This mulch acts as a sponge to absorb and retain moisture. This ideal moisture level produces a lush healthy lawn quicker than seeding without mulch.


The biggest reason why people seed their lawns themselves is to save a little bit of money. It's true you can save a little money if you do it yourself. However, we observe people all the time who seed their lawns themselves. And 75-80% of the time the grass grows, but it comes in patchy. So the homeowner purchases seed again and spends time again raking, planting, and watering the seed again. We've seen this process happen anywhere from one to four times on the same lawn trying to develop a thick, lush lawn. By this point the savings the homeowner anticipated have been used to buy more and more seed, fertilizer, equipment etc. Take the easy route, which is hydroseeding from Green Gro, and look forward to a thick, lush, healthy lawn in no time at all.