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If you are trying to decide between hydroseed and sod, here are a few things you should consider.

The first issue at hand is the cost.

Generally sod costs between twenty-two and twenty-five cents per square foot. Green Gro Hydroseeding offers two bluegrass mixes which cost seven to nine cents per square foot. That's fourteen to sixteen cents per square foot that you will save with hydroseed. If your yard is 10,000 square feet you would save up to sixteen hundred dollars.

The second issue is time.

How long do you have to wait until hydroseed is ready for use? At seven to eight weeks hydroseed has been mowed two or three times, and is ready for all types of activity. If you are leaning towards sod because you want instant grass think about this: in order to establish a sturdy root system between the sod and your soil, you will need to water heavily for three to four weeks before activity on the grass is possible. That's only three to four weeks earlier than hydroseeding. Which leads me to ask you one question: if I were to pay you ten to twelve cents per square foot of your yard, would you stay off your grass for three weeks? If your answer is yes than you should consider hydroseeding.

The third issue to discuss is quality.

Both of our bluegrass mixes are extremely high quality. Both mixes have five different types of bluegrass, each with there own advantages and strengths. In fact with proper care, our hydroseeded lawns are superior to sod in quality. All seed mixes Green Gro offers are of the absolute highest quality possible. Any company can make this claim, but we can back it up. Green Gro is the largest hydroseeding company in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. We also have more experience than any of our competitors by several years. Don't be fooled by fancy words or confusing options. Our methods, products, and services are time tested, with proven results. Please call us for refrences, and more detailed information.

Last but not least is weeds.

Some people are worried that weeds will arise and make there yard look ugly. Yes it is true some weeds will be present. However, we offer a first year program designed to fertilize the grass and kill the weeds that arise.