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We can hydroseed any type of custom blend you would like us to; however, here are the five most popular mixes we offer.

Elite Mix

This is our nicest bluegrass mix with 5 different varieties of bluegrass, each offering different strengths. The elite mix is designed to have the deepest dark green color possible. This mix has been researched, tested and improved several times since Green Gro Hydroseeding was established in 1991, offering the customer the best quality possible. This is the highest quality bluegrass mixture available.

Cache Valley Mix

This is our most affordable bluegrass mix. It is cheaper than the elite mix; however, it is not a cheap mix. Like all products offered by Green Gro it is of great quality. The big difference between the two bluegrass mixes is the darkness of color in the elite mix.

Fescue Mix

The fescue mix is a great option for the customer who wants a more drought tolerant lawn than bluegrass. Fescue grass has an extremely deep root system. It can grow 3 to 5 times deeper than bluegrass, allowing it to gather nutrients and moisture not available to bluegrass. Fescue has a similar color to bluegrass, and a slightly thicker blade. When Tall Fescue is fully mature it requires only 1/2 the amount of water as bluegrass, depending on soil quality.

Cabin Mix/Native Turf

The ultimate drought tolerant, low maintenance lawn is the cabin mix. It requires very little attention and is slow growing. Maximum hieght is 8-9 inches, making mowing optional. It has a thicker blade and a rougher appearance than bluegrass. However with proper care Cabin mix can be a good looking turf grass. Cabin mix requires 1/3 the amount of water as bluegrass.


Wildflower Mix

This mix is usually used on hillsides, or shrub beds. This mixture is drought tolerant and has 20 different types of flowers. It is recommended to add the cabin grass with wildflowers.