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Read what some of our customers have to say about us!




"I was very surprised with how fast the hydroseed grew. My neighbor planted his own lawn two weeks earlier than mine was planted. After a couple of months the difference between his lawn and mine was amazing. My lawn looked like it was planted a month before his, not the other way around. The hydroseed is thicker, taller, and a darker green color. I couldn’t be happier with the results."

-Larry Jepson, Wellsville

"Our experience with Green Gro Hydroseeding was terrific. It grew extremely fast; we mowed it at about the six or seven week stage. Not only did it grow fast but it looks better than our neighbor’s grass who put in sod for almost triple the price. The service was also great. Travis did all the work; he even programmed my sprinkler clock and adjusted some heads for free. I would recommend Green Gro to anyone."

-Jim and Kelly Eckstrom, Millville

"I went on vacation the day they hydroseeded, and when I came back two weeks later I already had grass! I was shocked at how fast it had grown. We also had Green Gro come back and take care of the lawn with the first year program. They fertilized it several times, killed the weeds, and aerated. I was very happy with their service."

-Alan Kartchner, North Logan

"We had our lawn hydroseeded in 2004 and it looked great. So great in fact that about twenty homes in our new neighborhood also went with Green Gro for their hydroseeding. I really like the color of the grass; it is extremely dark green, which looks great. I am very picky about how my grass looks, and I have been completely satisfied with the results."

-Curt Jeinkins, Nibley

"We hydroseeded our yard with Green Gro in 2004. We were very happy with the entire operation. The prices were very reasonable, the grass looks great, and their service was wonderful. We were so happy that we still have them taking care of our lawn. They always call first to make appointments, and do a great job of explaining what’s going on with my lawn. You can tell that they really care about how my lawn looks. They now take care of my mother’s yard, my yard, and my son’s yard."

-Lisa Peterson, Smithfield

"We can’t believe how many compliments we get on our lawn! The most common accolade we receive is ‘Your lawn is so green!’ Most lawns in our neighborhood have more brown grass than green grass. That’s how ours used to be before we had it hydroseeded. We had Green Gro kill our “wannabe lawn” and they hydroseeded it in June of 2005. We had them do the “First Year Program” and they took care of all the fertilizing and weed control. We would highly recommend Green Gro to anyone who wants a great looking lawn!"

-Frank and Bethany Harris, Logan